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Content Syndication

Whitepaper Syndication:

  • Whitepapers are powerful marketing tools to leverage your company's expertise while delivering genuinely valuable information that individuals are looking for. Infinigent offers distinctive whitepaper marketing service to B2B firms in distributing whitepapers to their ideal leads. We have adapted proven telemarketing model to target whitepapers to your industry & other readers.

  • By this service, we reach out to decision makers and technology/business influencers across large, medium and small businesses. We reach out relevant audience segment of opt-in subscriber base and understand whether they would be interested in your product or service. If we get the positive response we send the whitepaper to individual's email id and the lead will be captured.

  • Whitepaper Marketing Advantages:

    • • We guarantee minimum number of leads (which varies by campaign)
    • • Unique leads for your business
    • • Our campaigns are customized and scalable

    Cost : On CPL basis (Cost Per Lead)

    Information We Collect:
    Name, Title, Job Title, Company Name, No. of Employees, Country, Email Address, Telephone Number and any other custom data.

    Lead Delivery Process:
    Excel spreadsheet with standard contact information of your leads will be emailed daily or weekly. All the duplicate and invalid data will be removed to assure accuracy. Before delivering the leads to you, we verify and validate the leads to be concrete with your custom qualifying questions.