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Lead Prequalification

The Global Infinigent’s Prequalified Lead Generation Process:

Based on a client’s individual requirements, Infinigent dedicates a team of highly qualified tele-sales agents to the account. The assigned Infinigent agents have the appropriate domain experience to conduct further research and understand the client’s company, product and services. Armed with extensive knowledge and applicable training, Infinigent’s experienced sales team openly communicates with a client’s prospects, understands their needs, pitches the client’s product and services, and schedules meetings/appointments for the client’s internal sales teams.

What do we do?

Infinigent’s Prequalification lead generation services team identifies and qualifies prospects via telephone, email (including bulk e-mail) and intensive research. Ultimately, the client is privy to an ongoing funnel of high-quality B2B leads, facilitating greater success and faster closure of sales.

Cost : On CPL basis (Cost Per Lead)

Lead Qualification:

Qualifying inbound inquiries from campaigns

Appointment Setting:

Setting-up appointments for sales team